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Introducing our first ESG Insight Report

Our ESG report highlights sustainability and ethical practices across the environmental, social and governance aspects of our business, providing a clear insight into our commitment to making a tangible difference both today and tomorrow.

Key Insight Report highlights:



Last year we recycled more than 35% of the water used in our photochemical etching process

We sourced 100% of our electricity usage from renewables

Achieved a decrease of 62 tonnes in total waste and increased our waste recycling rate to 98%, up from 68% in 2016


• In 2022, we improved our gender ratio to 56:44 male to female

• We delivered 8,000 hours of training, averaging more than 50 hours per employee

• We recruited three additional graduates and four school leaver apprentices through our training programme


We have aligned ourselves with the UN SDG framework

We only ever work with suppliers who have pre-registered their chemicals under REACH

In 2022, 100% of our tier 1 suppliers provided statements on conflict mineral compliance and counterfeit and fraudulent materials

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